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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your operating hours?
For support, we are available Monday through Friday (8am- 5pm PST). Feel free to submit our Contact Form for any questions you may have.
Why rent furniture?
Renting furniture is a cost effective and convenient alternative to purchasing furniture for most temporary situations. Once you purchase something, it is yours. This can become a burden when you are only living somewhere for a short time like six months or even a year or two. It may be better to rent what you need rather than paying for shipment of your furniture or purchasing in a new location. And when your temporary situation is up, you don't have to deal with furniture before you can leave.
For businesses that are increasing or decreasing in size, renting furniture is both a financial and operationally flexible alternative that gets you what you need when you need it.
What are your furniture rental delivery fees?
Delivery fees will vary depending on area and time frame. Delivery includes setup, installation and pick up of your rented furniture. Our delivery fees start at $75 for our furniture only packages. Complete furniture and houseware packages start at $125 for local delivery. This includes setting all furniture up unpacking housewares and even making the beds.
We deliver to just about anywhere in the state of Oregon. Just call or request a quote for the area you are needing.
Do I have to order a complete rental package or can I order individual items?
We offer both move in ready packages (furniture and housewares) as well as furniture only packages. Additional individual items and/or upgrades can be added to each package.
How quickly can I receive the rented furniture once I place my order?
We can typically deliver and set up your furniture within 24-48 business hours (Monday-Friday) from the time of your order.
What is covered in your Customer Protection Program?
The Customer Protection Program covers you from damage or loss due to flood, fire, tornadoes or earthquakes. A Customer Protection Program will not cover damages or loss caused by theft, disappearance, negligence, mis-use or abuse (including damage by cigars or cigarettes, insect infestation and pets). All orders will include the Customer Protection Program, and you can decline the coverage by using your own insurance.

Home or Apartment

Can you deliver furniture to a location before I arrive?
Yes. we can deliver your rented furniture before you arrive, as long as we have access.
When my furniture rental period ends, do you automatically pick up the furniture?
No, you'll need to call and schedule the pickup of your rental furniture. We recommend calling us 30 days in advance. If you'd like to continue renting the furniture for longer, your lease will be extended on a monthly basis with no additional charges.
Can I purchase the furniture at the end of my lease?
Yes, however monthly rental payments can not be put towards the purchase. A discounted rate at the end of your lease is usually available. Call or contact us for further details.

Move-In Ready (furniture, appliances & housewares)

Tell me more about your Move-In Ready furniture rental packages.
With our  Move-In Ready furniture and housewares rental packages you can rely on us to choose furniture for your entire home. We have a standard and prestige package for you to choose from based on your needs. You will get a full living room, dining room and bedroom set of what you need to get your home or apartment furnished. You can add things like a TV or two, a computer desk, recliner, washer & dryer, etc. Just choose a one, two, or three bedroom package and click on Add-ons/Upgrades to see what you can add to your order, or tell us with a phone call, or by submitting our furniture rental quote form.
Is there a difference in quality between your packages?
Yes there is. You can think of our Move-In Ready Packages as "Better" and "Best" in all things including quality, comfort and over all experience. You receive quality furniture in our Standard Package, and with our prestige package, you will get furniture with more style, a higher quality, and a greater attention to detail. By starting with good furniture, we are well above other furniture companies out there. You can count on quality furniture in everything we offer.

College Students

What is the minimum time I can rent furniture for?
9 months is the minimum amount of time we offer furniture rental at a discounted rate for college students.
Do you offer student discounts?
Yes. We offer a discounted student package.
Do I need to provide a Student/University ID?
Yes. You need to provide proof that you are affiliated with a University to receive our student discount.

Furniture for sale (new and used)

What kind of furniture is offered for sale?
We offer home furniture, for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath, made from name brand manufacturers, all built to our specifications for quality craftsmanship to fit virtually any lifestyle.
Is delivery available?
Yes. We offer delivery and set up in your home or apartment.
Why would I want to buy used furniture?
The furniture we rent is made with high standards to meet the demands of the corporate client, and is made of quality craftsmanship to hold up to being moved around during its rental life. This is why we have a tremendous selection of quality furniture that is built to last.